Full Moon in Leo ~ Living from the Heart

Dixie over at A Fool’s Journey asked an important question recently: Do you live from the heart?

I used to live only from my heart (feelings, intuition, love), but that’s changed quite a bit with age. When I was living from the heart all the time, I was told that I didn’t have good judgement. I won’t completely disagree with that, but I was surer of who I was and what I wanted. And less fearful.

The Full Moon in Leo allows us to throw caution to the wind for a few days and live completely from the heart. Opposing the cool logic of the Aquarian Sun, the passionate Leo Moon can barely contain itself. It urges us to go ahead and do what we’re just dying to do ~ make a great big giant ridiculous show of ourself.

There are no guanantees that we’ll get the response that we crave or that everything will end like a fairytale, but at least we will have given it a shot. As they say, “Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.”

Live fully, love fully, make a spectacle of yourself if you must. But live from your heart. Life is better when it’s anchored in love and passion.

For just a couple of days we have the opportunity to showcase the biggest, brightest, and quite possibly the most irrational but heartfelt feelings we have. If we make fools of ourselves, well…we make fools of ourselves. Is that really so bad if the kind of fool we are is a fool for love?

Full Moon in Leo ~ Ramblings on the Leo/Aquarius Axis

What’s the first sign you think of when you hear the words love or romance? Libra will get the majority of votes, but it really belongs to Leo and our 5th house. Libra is about long-term commitment. Love and romance can be the foundation of some long-term commitments, but love is not a requirement of Libra or the 7th. Commitment is.

The Leo/Aquarius axis defines two types of love ~ eros (romance) and phileo (friendship). Leo wants the devotion of a lover, the feeling of being “in love,” and to pour adoration onto the object of its affections.

Aquarius loves “everyone,” but without the messy involvement that Leo craves. To go further, Aquarius loves humanity, but not necessarily people. The sign of friendship has no strings attached, allowing and expecting a lot of personal freedom. Leo, on the other hand, puts a short leash on its subjects.

Aquarius and Leo refer to the signs, by the way, not the people born under that sign. A sign isn’t a person.

I’m going to digress for an Aquarian moment and talk about my major astrological pet peeve ~ sign hatred and people who hate particular signs. They usually have their own unresolved issues with the qualities of a sign that they “hate.” If you encounter an astrologer who says they hate a sign or focus on its negative qualities first, RUN! Who needs counselling from an astrologer who doesn’t like a sign? If you have issues with a particular sign, you don’t need to go any further than that. Work on those issues first. Come out of denial, repression, suppression ~ whatever is at work ~ and get to work on healing those issues. It may be all you ever need from astrology. Continue reading

New Moon in Leo ~ Please Acknowledge Me

If you should ever acknowledge my existence, I plan to snub you.     

~ Mason Cooley, English Professor    

Sometimes when we think of Leo, we think of people who are bigger-than-life ~ the kind of people they should make movies about. I’ve got one in my life ~ an 82-year-old wild woman who recently bought herself a snazzy brand new convertible and begins every conversation with a boisterous, joyful, southern-drawled Dahhhh-lin’. She’s a Leo and she’s spectacular ~ exactly what the sign promises.   

I'm the greatest!

We also can tend, at times, to imagine egotistical nightmares of people who are always hogging the spotlight and looking for any kind of attention they can get ~ even negative.  They aren’t all Leos, of course ~ each of the signs has its fair share of people with overblown egos. Jupiter can be a major contributor to overdoing anything.  

Have you ever been in a situation where you were part of a group that worked very hard toward some goal which was successful, but one person took all the credit? You may have put in long hours, come up with fantastically creative ideas, your boss got a promotion or a bonus, and your name was never even mentioned. That happens a lot at work, it seems, with a boss or colleague who doesn’t like to share the glory. It also happens in social groups, but banishment is more likely for the glory-hog in social groups than at work.    

While we get bored to death when a winner starts in with “I’d like to thank…” at awards ceremonies, it’s really the right thing to do. (It’s especially right if you happen to be one of the people being thanked.) What this all boils down to is appreciation ~ one of the things that Leo needs on a regular basis. It’s a way of being noticed, acknowledged, loved. Continue reading

Sun in Gemini / Moon in Leo

 Sun in Gemini / Moon in Leo
June 14, 11:54pm ~ June 17, 1:41am
Signs are Sextile
Venus enters Leo, 4:50am, June 14 

  • Shop for or purchase amber
  • Read the book, then watch the movie
  • Learn a card trick  ~ improves dexterity and entertains

The essence of pleasure is spontaneity.
~ Germaine Greer

That quote may make some folks quake in their boots! Spontaneity is not their forte. How do you feel about surprises ~ surprise parties or last-minute changes of plans? Do you prefer everything planned or do you relish the occasional dip into spontaneity? Leo is a fixed sign, but relishes the limelight so a surprise might be right up their alley. Gemini loves variety, so a surprise is probably just one more way to mix it up and have some fun ~ but never at the Lion’s expense! 

Venus Enters Leo 

Amore! Venus entering your 5th house will rock that house. Not that you’ll suddenly be prone to a gargantuan affair of the heart, but it’s certainly likely to kick it up a notch in matters of love. Only a few of us have Leo on our 5th house, but wherever Leo is in your chart ~ look to find a little love in your heart for the matters of that house. Seventh house Leos ~ be a lover, not a fighter ~ strengthen those vows whether they’re on paper or not.  Check out Tony Vowles’ description of Venus in Leo on The Astrology Blog.


Amber Pendants

Judy Hall, author of The Illustrated Guide to Crystals, says that amber will help relieve a tension headache. You might like to try this if Uranus in Aries seems to have triggered an increase of headaches. Raise your hand if that sounds familiar. I’m raising mine, having survived a very painful Saturday ~ the last attack in a rash of recent headaches. If you know all too well what those are like, you’ll try anything to be rid of one. I’m placing my one small piece of amber nearby so it’s within easy reach if there’s another flare-up. 

Amber is not really a crystal, though it’s sometimes treated as one. It’s petrified sap from conifers and often contains insects or other little bits and pieces of lives lived long, long ago. Assigned to the Sun, Leo, and Uranus, amber is frequently used in jewelry ~ another little something Leo knows a thing or two about. I’ve long coveted owning a pair of amber earrings. Now wouldn’t that make a nice surprise?! (Are you reading, Dear?) 

Read the Book, Then Watch the Movie 

Have you ever finished a book just in the nick of time to rent the flick or catch it on tv? Movies are never the same, right? All that imagination that you had while reading is in blatant pictures up there on the screen. The actors don’t quite meet your standards, or the screenwriters leave out a scene you couldn’t wait to see. Maybe your favorite scene is cut altogether, or a speech you couldn’t wait to hear is cut to shreds. Sometimes, though, movies exceed the book. Sometimes being the key word there. 

An even better activity for Gemini/Leo is to read a script, then catch the play. I suspect many of you have some background in the performing arts. If not, there’s a huge likelihood that you’ve been to the theatre fairly often. Scripts are great to read because they’re all dialogue ~ with a few notes thrown in. You get to imagine the characters fully ~ then, seeing them come alive, living and breathing right in front of you ~ what an experience! 

Frederico Garcia Lorca was a Spanish playwright with Sun in Gemini in tight conjunction to Pluto (only 6 minutes of separation). He is probably best known for his last play, The House of Bernarda Alba, a play about Bernarda Alba and her daughters who are in an extended period (8 years!) of mourning for Bernarda’s husband. Lorca, btw, was a lover of Salvador Dali, disappeared at the beginning of the Spanish Civil War and was never found. You can see his chart and bio at astrodatabank. He had no planets in Leo, but Leo ruled his 6th house of work. 

Learn a Card Trick 

Now this is a fantastic example of Gemini at work! It requires intricate knowledge of how to do a trick and excellent manual dexterity. It’s also very entertaining and can be lots of fun to play on kids. They love card tricks

Speaking of Cards… 

The tarot cards assigned to the current decan of Gemini are The Lovers and the 10 of Swords. This is the Aquarian decan which ranges from 20-29.59° Gemini, and is subruled by Aquarius. If you were born during this period (roughly June 11-20), your Sun is flavored with that Uranian energy. Have you wondered why you might be considered just a tad less “normal” than your Gemini pals or why you have that streak of genius running through your veins? Now you know. 

If you have any planets located 20-29.59° Gemini, they will have a Uranian flair, as well. 

I prefer plain pip cards over pictured cards to use with astrological readings. The pictures can influence negatively ~ especially the Swords cards which always seem to carry negative meanings upon first glance. 

This pip card is from the Truth Seekers Tarot, which I’ve found to be quite nice to use for astrological readings. If you learn the decans associated with each of the pip cards, you might find that they can help with timing ~ though I don’t use them for timing, personally. 

Think of The Lovers as Choice ~ Choice with a capital C, not which flavor of ice cream to have. The 10 of Swords is completing a cycle ~ one phase ends, another begins. It’s time to put your mind to something new or start a new phase of the same project since you’ve completed your current cycle.  In keeping with the Uranian affects on the card, Gemini’s ruler Mercury is endowed with new insights and intuition. 

In the Garden… 

Just throw stuff out and get rid of pesty creatures ~ IF you can stand the looming heat. Since flowers are represented by the air signs in the gardens, take a few cuttings and bring them indoors. It’s best to cut early in the morning before the heat of the day gets to them. 

…and at the Table 

Sociable, fun, entertaining, Venus in Leo ~ that sounds like a great combo whether at home or out to a restaurant. If you’re cooking at home, enjoy something light and lemony (Gemini and Mercury love lemons) and make it a great presentation. Leo will love you for being just a tad on the ostentatious side. 

Universal-Waite deck published by U.S. Games. The Truth Seeker’s Tarot published by Duncan Baird Publishers.

Sun in Taurus / Moon in Leo

Sun in Taurus/ Moon in Leo
May 18, 5:06pm ~ May 20, 7:58pm
Signs are Square
Venus enters Cancer ~ May 19, 9:05pm
Sun enters Gemini ~ May 20, 11:34pm

  • Be a little hedonistic
  • Dramatize a value
  • Create your palace

If you would be loved, love and be loveable. ~ Ben Franklin

Be a Little Hedonistic

What a pair Taurus and Leo are! You gotta love ‘em. They both have a natural inclination toward the good life and sensory pleasures, and both can be quite loving and generous. Yes, Taurus loves to shower the ones they love. This can be a very sexy combination and might be a bit hedonistic. We don’t have to go overboard ~ whatever “overboard” might be ~ but a little hedonism every now and again. Why not?

Dramatize a Value

Pray ~ Image by frozenminds on Flickr

What does that mean? Dramatize? State your case. Tell your story. Not in a melodramatic or pompous way, but a way that is alive. Let’s say you’re at a gathering where someone said something derogatory about people not waiting for prayer before eating a meal at a national conference. I had this exact dilemma just yesterday.

It’s a very common occurrence in the southern U.S. for a prayer to be said before every type of meeting imaginable, public or private. Someone said something a little snippy about the people who started eating before a prayer was said as though they were horrible people who’d committed a terrible sin. I’m accustomed to and accepting of a variety of faiths and philosophies and don’t adhere to “there’s only one way” beliefs. Should I say something to the complainers or let it pass?

I didn’t let it pass.

I dramatized my values by explaining ~ by way of an example, a dramatization ~ of why non-Southerners of any creed might not wait for a prayer before sitting down to a meal at a conference. There was no melodrama, just a simple explanation of the difference in cultures and faiths across our country and our world. I don’t think anyone was offended and I stood up for my values. I let them know that I’m not going to judge someone on whether or not they wait for grace to be said before a meal. I hope I was able to get some of my neighbors to understand why prayers aren’t necessarily apropos for every occasion. Every situation is different, of course, and I’ll gauge my  dramatizations by the circumstances.

Being Fixed signs, Taurus and Leo can both become attached to their own viewpoints and set in their ways. That inability to allow others to be different has been the cause of wars, wars, and more wars ~ between opposed people, sects, or countries. As Queen Elizabeth II said, “True patriotism doesn’t exclude an understanding of the patriotism of others.” Same goes for faiths and prayers. There’s no way under heaven I would ever try to define God to someone.

Create Your Palace

There's no place like home

Now here’s something Taurus and Leo can definitely partner on! Your palace doesn’t have to be huge. It doesn’t have to be ostentatious. But it should definitely be yours. If you share space with others, you can always eke out a tiny space of your own. Even if the only private space you have is in your car, a cubicle at the office, or a favorite spot in a public space where you can get lost in the crowd, you can bring something to the environment that makes you feel like the space you’ve created is a jewel. There are no suggestions here. You know what makes you feel good.

At the Table…

Whatever it is, it needs to be gorgeous and seductive to work for Leo and Taurus. Dining is an art, after all. Presentation is paramount, but it has to be backed up with a great big helping of delicious!

I’ll never forget the only time I had Baked Alaska. It was at New York’s Rainbow Room where KT Sullivan was performing in cabaret. What a fantastic night! The topper? There was a fantastic view of Hale-Bopp through those gorgeous windows of the Rainbow Room! Talk about presentation! Taurus loved it. Leo loved it. And Aquarius was quite impressed, too.

For something a little more in keeping with normal life but still luscious and gorgeous in any form, Rose Elliott (The Zodiac Cookbook) lists chocolate cake with her Leo recipes. It will be hard to find a Taurus and Leo who aren’t square with that!!

…and In the Garden

The waxing Moon phase is great for planting, but the zodiac sign says “NO!” Fire signs are best for getting rid of pests and unwanted things. This is also a pretty good time for laying stones or gravel in your garden. The gravel or river stones are not supposed to sink if they’re layed during the light of the Moon ~ the waxing phase. Since Leo loves gorgeous, it’s a great time to beautify your plants. A snip here, a snip there almost always brings more blooms.

Bring Leo in to your environment ~ KnickKnack Zodiac for Leo

Sun in Aries / Moon in Leo


Sun in Aries / Moon in Leo
March 25, 5:39am ~ March 27, 6:57am 

Great time for dehydrating foods (or eating banana chips)
Does your oven need cleaning?
Forget all that work ~ indulge in some physical pleasure 

It is only with the heart that one can see rightly;
what is essential is invisible to the eye.
~ St. Exupery 


Aries and Leo ~ two of the most passionate signs in the zodiac. Raw male energy and lust. 


Bananas Foster 

Making Bananas Foster at Brennan's


This very dramatic flambé recipe was first served at the famous Brennan’s restaurant in New Orleans. You can find the original recipe on their website. However…wouldn’t it be nicer to have it served to you instead of cooking it at home. Or served to you at home.

What’s for Supper? Sun in Pisces ~ Moon in Leo

Sun in Pisces / Moon in Leo
Moon is Waxing
Feb. 25, 8:08pm ~ Feb. 27, 7:51pm (ET) 

  • Watch your emotions ~ don’t dramatize them
  • Wear your sexy shoes
  • Give attention to the one who deserves it

For more zodiactivities for these two signs, see 12 Things to Do When the Sun Transits Leo and 12 Things to Do When the Sun Transits Pisces.  

Love is not a mere sentiment, it is the ultimate truth that lies at the very heart of creation. ~ Deepak Chopra  

What’s for Supper?  

Baked Fish with Mustard Butter ~ This is an excellent combination for Pisces (fish) and Leo (mustard). This recipe is simple, but I’d use Dijon mustard (which isn’t noted in the recipe).  

Photo by SunnyByrd

Here’s a simple recipe for Shrimp with Mustard Sauce for those who prefer shellfish. I’ll take either and be extremely happy.  (Update: I doubled the sauce and served this over pasta. Delicious!)

Serve either entrée with a side of rice and asparagus. Asparagus is ruled by Jupiter, btw, which is currently conjunct the Pisces Sun. Rice belongs to the Sun.  

Finish it up with some orange sorbet. Oranges are ruled by the Sun, and there’s that wonderful water instead of cream in the sorbet.  

Decorate either the entrée or the sorbet (or both!) with edible yellow johnny-jump-ups, aka, violas, which are widely available now. They have a delicate wintergreen flavor and make for a very romantic and dramatic presentation, pleasing both Pisces and Leo. Warning! Do not eat any flowers from florists or garden centers. They have probably been sprayed with pesticides. Grow your own organic edible flowers or get them from a reputable produce market. If you’re not sure, do not, do not, do not eat it.  

Gardening by the Moon  


Leo is a great time for getting rid of things you don’t want in the garden ~ like weeds ~ so it’s not recommended for planting. If you aren’t snowed under now and can actually see your ground, pull up a few weeds while on your way to the mailbox or while filling the bird feeders. You can even do a little tilling to get ready to plant vines when the Moon goes into Virgo, but is not yet full. I’m suggesting very little tilling ~ with a spade perhaps ~ definitely nothing heavy duty. Turn over the dirt in your container garden, for instance. Vines love Virgo, btw, so if sweetpeas are on your list get those seeds ready. I’m in the south (zone 8), so end of February/beginning of March is generally a safe time for us. If the weather allows you to be outdoors, take the garden chores slow and easy and putz around in the dirt a little. 

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Full Moon in Leo ~ The Great Sphinx of Giza

Great Sphinx of Giza

The Great Sphinx of Giza. I don’t think you could find a more perfect symbol for Aquarius’ Full Moon in Leo if you looked in every nook and cranny on the planet. The head of a man on the body of a lion. Aquarius and Leo. Absolutely perfect!

The sphinx represents the pharoah as Ra, the Sun God, and faces due east toward the rising Sun. It’s the Lion facing the Sun, and at Full Moon in Aquarius, the symbolism is perfected. This is balance ~ one of the goals of a Full Moon.

How can we make use of this Leo Full Moon symbolism in our personal lives? Ask yourself these questions:

  • Is there an animal nature in my Leo house that needs taming by my intellectual house of Aquarius?
  • In what situations has my intellect been outwitted and undone by my pride and ego?
  • Do I overthink and outsmart the lustful side of me that needs expression?
  • Does my detachment isolate me from my ability to just let it all hang loose and have some royal fun?

Those are easy yes/no questions. The hard work comes with discovering “Why?” and balancing the equation. The signs Aquarius and Leo can both be really fun. Why not mix it up a little during this Full Moon? Lighten up on the heavy aspect in your equation and have some fun.

Don’t you sometimes wish the Sphinx would drop that stoney pose and just start racing out across the sands? Wow! What a visual that is! Aquarius’ ancient ruler, Saturn, could probably sit through eternity while the “sands of time” continued to weather away this giant marvel, but Uranus would definitely revel in a surprise take off. Imagine the chaos and Uranus sitting back laughing and laughing. Well, maybe that’s a little too spooky, but it would make for great tv.

If you have kids who like to color, here are some pretty good links to coloring pages of the Great Sphinx.  Ancient Eqypt Coloring Pages has some Sphinx pics and more and The Coloring Spot has a good Sphinx pic, too. (Ahh, who needs kids? Go ahead, get your colors out, enjoy.)

Full Moon in Leo is the opposite of Full Moon in Aquarius, when the Sun is in Leo and Moon in Aquarius. Both of these signs are considered “masculine” or yang energies because they belong to the air and fire elements. The Sun is masculine, but the Moon is always feminine, receptive, yin. How can you bring receptivity to one of the broadest, sexiest, warmest signs in the zodiac? Hmmm. That just might be my Full Moon ponderable. (Warning to Uncle Moon: Be on the lookout, Babe.)

More Full Moon posts with these two signs:

Full Moon in Aquarius: Alien vs. Predator
Full Moon in Aquarius: Putting a New Spin on It
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Note: Basic elemental symbolism depicts air as a human and fire as a lion. Earth is a bull and Water is an eagle. Each animal represents the Fixed signs of astrology ~ Aquarius, Leo, Taurus, and Scorpio. You can see this symbolism on the Wheel of Fortune tarot card, and indeed, there is a sphinx sitting atop the wheel in that card. The four elements are also depicted in the four corners of The World card framing an androgenous human in the center of the card. The World card is associated with Saturn; The Wheel of Fortune with Jupiter. Strength is usually drawn as a woman holding the mouth of a lion and is associated with Leo. The following cards are from the Aquatic Tarot.

The Wheel of Fortune

The World

Strength (Leo)