Astrological Picture Book ~ 1st Decan Taurus and the 5 of Pentacles

Truth Seeker 5 of Pentacles

There are two standard ways to read the minor arcana cards astrologically. One is by the decans, the three 10° divisions of each sign. The other is the Golden Dawn system, which assigns a planet in a sign to each … Continue reading

Astrological Picture Book ~ Cards of Taurus, The Major and Court Cards

Universal Tarot Hierophant, Empress, and Queen of Pentacles

Taurus belongs to the suit of Pentacles ~ the cards representing the earth element in the tarot ~ and relate to our work, money, status in the world, and any material or physical concerns that we have. When you draw the … Continue reading

Astrological Picture Book ~ The Capricorn Lunar Eclipse and the Grand Cross of 2010

Lunar Eclipse on March 3rd 2007. A time lapse movie created by Thomas Knoblauch of the lunar eclipse from March the 3rd 2007. More Information can be found at

This Saturday, 06-26-2010, brings us a once in a lifetime event ~ a Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn that joins with the Cardinal T-Square to create a Grand Cross. Everyone’s talking about it, but what does it mean? It was mentioned on a numerology forum I belong to and tarot readers are talking about it, too. Folks who are beginning their astro studies are rightfully confused. It’s a lot of information to take in. There’s plenty of fear about the alignment and lots of misconceptions, too.   

Tthe diagram below is a tarot layout of the Grand Cross alignment. I can’t look at the tarot without thinking astrology, so I often lay out an astro spread or assign house meanings to specific positions in a layout. The diagram below doesn’t have any house assignments, but it does show the planetary alignment for this eclipse. Sometimes I lay cards out like this to help myself see an aspect more clearly. Continue reading

Astrological Picture Book ~ First Decan Cancer, True Lunar Types

Happy Birthday to all you Moonchildren with your Sun between 0 – 9.59° Cancer. Your birthdays range roughly from June 20-30 depending on the year and ~ being first decan Cancers ~ you are both ruled and subruled by the Moon. You are among the purest lunar types of the zodiac. If you are a New Moon baby, you have both your Sun and Moon in very close degree. No one has more inherent lunar energy than you ~ unless you meet a first decan New Moon Cancerian with their Sun and Moon in the 4th house. They’re the winner, hands down.

You are most likely super-sensitive to your surroundings, with excellent intuition, and ~ you’ve heard it before ~ you probably feel like a psychic sponge at times. Of course you’ve been called moody! You’ve got the fastest energy of our zodiac zipping through you like lightning in a bottle. If you already have this much Cancer energy coursing through your claws, you’ll have even more with additional planets in Cancer.

How Can You Handle all that Lunar Energy?

It’s important to have ways to dispel that intuitive, receptive energy when you get overloaded. Ground yourself. Earth and water are very friendly elements. Look to your opposite sign, Capricorn, to get your feet back on the ground when you feel like you’re being swept away by the cosmic tides. Take charge of yourself, be in control of those emotions, get in balance. Make your emotions serve you. If you’re a Full Moon baby, you’re already familiar with this dual energy since you have Sun in Cancer and Moon in Capricorn.

Tarot 2 of Cups

If you are a first decan Cancer, the tarot card related to your birthday is the beautiful 2 of Cups. Numerologically, the Moon is associated with the number 2, so we see the Moon’s influence in this card. It is an extremely feminine card, being lunar in nature and a 2. Both the Moon and the 2 are receptive symbols, often preferring to be the supportive partner rather than the leader or dominant force.

The card is often seen as quite romantic and some readers associate it with love affairs and marriage. It has a deeper meaning than marriage, though, and that’s the ability to form a true union with another. Marriage does not necessarily guarantee that.

Twos represent duality, partnership, and ultimately union. Water, of course, represents our emotions and the 2 of cups will be indicative of some kind of emotional involvement. Water reflects ~ just as the Moon reflects the light of the Sun. Be careful not to put yourself in the role of playing the doormat, though. Everyone must find a little light of their own.

When you join with another ~ whether in a marriage, a friendship, parent/child relationships, in-laws, or business arrangements ~ you have to work together. Otherwise, you’re on your own and, obviously, you can’t have a partnership by yourself. No one can do all the giving all the time. If you find yourself in an unfulfilling relationship, understand the real reason you are choosing to stay ~ why you have made that choice.

If you are a Cancerian born on the 2nd, 11th, or 20th, this card has double impact for you, since you are strongly influenced by the qualities of 2 and the Moon.

If you receive this card in a reading, ask yourself:

  • What are your feelings about your partnerships?
  • Do your partnerships need adjustment?
  • How strong are your commitments?

You can use this card as a reminder to honor your partnerships and unions, but to retain your individuality.

If all this talk of partnership and the 2 of Cups is starting to sound rather Venusian, you can understand why the Golden Dawn assigned Venus in Cancer to this card.

If this is your birthday card, you might enjoy coloring your own and adding other important symbols to it. Download the photo and blow it up to the size you like. The card on the left is the Pamela Coleman Smith card; the one on the right is the BOTA card, an excellent choice if you don’t want to be influenced by the drawing but prefer to rely on the symbolism of water and the number 2, and there’s plenty of room to add your own symbolism. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Dates: June 20-30, your birthday, or any special dates that fall in this period
  • Planetary glyphs for the Moon and any other planets you have at 0-9.59° Cancer
  • Small pieces of cloth that have special meaning ~ from a wedding gown, a groom’s shirt, a baby’s first outfit
  • Photos of those to whom you are truly committed (friends, lovers, a business)

If you do this and decide to share it with us, please send a pic to me and I’ll upload it for you.

Posts Related to the Sign of Cancer     

Sun in Aries / Moon in Sagittarius

 Sun in Aries / Moon in Sagittarius
April 2, 12:51pm ~ April 4, 9:06pm 

  • Go where you’ve never been before ~ even if only in your imagination
  • Get a fever
  • Scratch an itch

Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go. ~ TS Eliot 

Astrological Picture Book ~ Nine of Wands ~ Find 10-19.59° Sag in Your Chart 

Morgan Greer 9 of Wands

In using an astrological wheel and the tarot, Sagittarius is represented by Temperance and the 8, 9, and 10 of Wands. The minor arcana cards can work like the decans of the astrological wheel: 

  • 8 of Wands = 0.00-9.59 Sagittarius ~ Sub-ruled by Sagittarius/Jupiter, the strongest Sagittarian energy
  • 9 of Wands = 10.0-19.59 Sagittarius ~ Sub-ruled by Aries/Mars
  • 10 of Wands = 20.0-29.59 Sagittarius ~ Sub-ruled by Leo/Sun

The calendar dates for 10.o-19.59° Sagittarius are roughly December 3-12. If your birthday falls between those dates, this is one of your personal cards. If these dates are significant to you in another way, this card has personal meaning for you, too. 

Where does this card fall in your chart, and how does the symbolism affect you? 

What planets are located in this area to act as helpers to you, comrades in arms? 

I like the Morgan Greer Tarot imagery for working with the Sagittarius/Aries energy. We can see Aries in the soldier of this card ~ on guard, alert, protective. The card has a hot, dry feel to it and is very bright in color. All the yellows and oranges are indicative of the element of fire. Even the soldier’s skin tone speaks of the sun and being outdoors. He looks so healthy. One of the meanings of the card is “great strength.” 

This card falls on the cusp of my 11th house. I must say that I’m very lucky to have great strength in my friendships, and friends that allow me a great deal of freedom. 

At the Table…  

How about something “foreign” for supper? If you’re in the US, like I am, that gives you a lot of leeway since so much of our cuisine is derived from or greatly influenced by other cultures. I’m thinking Tex-Mex, one of my favorites. And that means tacos!! I usually just grab one of the packages that comes with the seasoning and taco shells, but here’s what looks like a good recipe if you’d like to make your own taco seasoning. If you’re not cooking, how about a night out at your local Mexican joint? There are wide ranges of spiciness so if you don’t like it hot, you can have it cool. Oh, and there are those lovely margaritas that make such a great side dish. :) 

…and In the Garden 

Throw a little cilantro on those tacos that you’ve just topped with lettuce, onion, tomato, cheese, and salsa. Cilantro, also known as Coriander or Chinese Parsley, is ruled by Mars. (There’s Cumin,  also Mars-ruled, in taco seasoning, too.) 

Cilantro is a delicate little herb that can’t stand the heat, though, so you might have better luck growing it in the early spring. It’s all over the nurseries in my area now. I absolutely love the scent. Scratch here. Can you smell it?

General Turbo Mars Readying Assault on Leo Households

—— Breaking News ——

Zodiac resistance fighters are readying themselves for the March 10th assault of General “Turbo” Mars on all citizens and households claiming to be Leo. This past January, Secretary of Defense “Fingers” Mercury returned from a summit with the General to announce the release of a succinct 200,000 page press release addressing each citizen’s alledged action. The General and Secretary had sequestered themselves in the closing days of 2009 to finalize the plan.

The General stated in a private interview, “We will make our presence felt after the first thaw, most assuredly in early to mid-March.” This statement has created quite a stir, creating tension thick enough to cut with a knife.

Asked to make a statement about the assault, Governor Stonewall Saturn’s response was simple, “My stance is and will always be firm. I will not waver. Let the chips fall where they may.”

——- 30 ——

Mars is going direct on March 10th and the house of your chart containing Leo is about to gear up for action. In the next few days, I’ll be sharing two posts by guest bloggers on Mars. What does Mars have in store for you? Dig out those Shovel-Ready Projects!

  • Part 1: Shovel-Ready Projects for Houses 1-6
  • Part 2: Shovel-Ready Projects for Houses 7-12
  • PDF of Parts 1 and 2: Shovel-Ready Projects for the 12 Astrological Houses
  • Download a chart blank here: Blank chart with house meanings.
  • Need More details on the 12 houses? Download: AGSA ch13-houses
  • Astrological Picture Book ~ The Death Card and Scorpio

    The astrological associations of the tarot are open to lots of debate among authors and readers. The tarot is a symbolic system that holds personal meaning for the individual readers, so there’s lot of room for interpretation. I assoicate the Death card with Scorpio, and will investigate the sign of Scorpio, the 8th house, and the issues that surround them when this card is drawn. I associate the card Judgement with the planet Pluto. Together, these two cards represent the cycle of endings, transformational power, and new beginnings.

    Death becomes the Teacher Card when you realize that coming to terms with death is true liberation. You can then die to those rules that constrict your freedom of spirit. ~ Mary K. Greer, Tarot Constellations

    Death&JudgementIf you have some experience with tarot, you’ve most likely been taught that the Death card is not the harbinger of physical death. It’s a scarey looking card ~ and death tends to scare the patootey out of most folks ~ but no one has ever died when I pulled this card. Death does, however, represent the natural end of things ~ work, projects, relationships, and believe it or not ~ even the end of bad habits and hardships. Everything is cyclical, so all things end. Even long-term commitments end through change or by evolving. At least, we can hope that they change because the only alternative is stagnation and, ultimately, true death. Rotting, non-evolving, never ending, eternal stagnation. The last rut.

    How long can you hold onto something that has no life of its own or that sucks the life out of you as you try to keep it barely alive? Do you just keep trying to revive it again and again? Sooner or later, you’re going to have to loosen that death grip and let go.

    Here’s some good news about the Death card. It’s in the middle of the Major Arcana cards (#13 of 22) because Death is not the end. Based on the meanings of numbers, the card has the base number of 4 (13=1+3=4). 4 represents solid foundations, stablility. The skeleton shows us that ~ even when everything else has been stripped away ~ we are left with our basic foundation, our core. We can survive if we find the strength and a sustaining way to rebuild.

    The number 1 is the unique spark, the urge toward birth, and the desire to survive. It’s the Sun. 3 is the ability to express oneself and expand ~ Jupiter. 4 is Saturn, the earth, stablity, foundation, continuum. And that means growth. Growth is the only alternative. Whatever it is that the Death card is pointing at, craves new life.

    There’s a little white thingy in the upper left hand corner of the BOTA Death card. It’s a seed, ready to be planted, carrying all the potential of whatever you will have it become. It’s a seed from the Tree of Life. As long as there’s a seed, a spark, we can go on.

    You have to make room for abundance and the only way to do that is to get rid of all the rubbish that’s holding you down. All things end. Go ahead and grieve for what you have to let go. Hold on to what you need to. Bury your dead. Clean house. It’s time for something new. So much more is waiting for you.

    Judgement shows us that we will all be called forward again, and not necessarily in “the next life.” It could be today. As Pluto, Judgement insists that we make major changes in our lives so that we may live again.

    See more quotes on Death as Scopio at The Quotable Tarot.

    The cards in this post are from the BOTA deck which you color yourself. You can find all images from the deck here. You can order a deck or print the images on heavy card stock. The cards in this post are the ones I colored.

    Suggested reading for the Death card is Hajo Banzjaf’s chapter on Death in Tarot and the Journey of the Hero.

    I’ve always taken a great deal of comfort in Dylan’s song, Death is Not the End.

    Astrological Picture Book ~ The Sun


    All The Woulda-Coulda-Shouldas
    Layin’ In The Sun,
    Talkin’ ‘Bout The Things
    They Woulda-Coulda-Shoulda Done…
    But All Those Woulda-Coulda-Shouldas
    All Ran Away And Hid
    From One Little Did.
    ~ Shel Silverstein

    It takes a lot of chutzpah to keep the woulda-coulda-shoulda’s at bay, and that’s what the Sun is about ~ self-confidence. Very simply, it’s about moving from the darkness into the light with the belief that you’ll succeed.

    The Sun is the prime symbol of the life force, the creative principle, health and vitality, and of course, light ~ without which there would be nothing. This glorious, central star burns vibrantly in the sky, nurturing everything it touches with its life-giving radiance. It also burns in your natal chart, representing who you are at the most fundamental level, your basic nature, what drives your ego, and in what arena of life you are to supposed to become proficient. 

    Make the Sun Card Personal

    Use the Sun card to discover how you are using the Sun in your natal chart by asking yourself these questions:

    • What are the basic qualities of my Sun sign?
    • What area of life (house in the natal chart) is my Sun focused on?
    • Am I self-confident about the issues my Sun is focused on?
    • Am I expressing the positive or negative characteristics associated with the Sun sign?
    • How does my normal behavior help or harm me in day-to-day life?
    • How is my ego invested in my day-to-day activities?
    • If I drop the ego, how does it change who I am and how I relate to others?

    Keeping It Current

    Use the Sun card to explore the Sun’s transit through your chart. This will allow you to see what is being spotlighted at any given time of the year.

    • What area of life (house) is the Sun transiting in your chart now?
    • How are you handling the issues associated with this area of life?
    • How can you improve these events or situations by using the positive qualities of your Sun sign?

    Going Deeper

    • When you were just a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?
    • Does it have anything to do with your work or hobbies now? 
    • If it doesn’t, did you allow woulda-coulda-shoulda’s to get in your way? Why?

    If you have become disenfranchised from the Sun that burns within and drives you, find a realistic way that you can tap into those activities again.

    For example ~ maybe you wanted to be a dancer when you were a kid. As an adult, it’s highly unlikely that you can have a career as a dancer if you’re starting from scratch again. But you can paticipate in other ways. Join a tango club or buy season tickets to support a dance company that you enjoy. Maybe there’s a local dance school that has classes for beginner adults. Become active on the board of a local dance company. Offer a scholarship for a young student. Even though you won’t be Prima Ballerina, you’ll still be involved with dance ~ just like you wanted to be when you were a child.

    The basic expression of your Sun is never going to go away. As they say ~ wherever you go, there you are. The Sun is about enjoying your life as a whole and putting your best qualities forward.

    The aspects made by other planets to your Sun will refine the basic expression of your Sun sign’s qualities. With difficult aspects, you’ll need to work harder to overcome the negative connotations, but it can be done. To quote a cliche, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.” Lack of self-confidence can prevent you from enjoying yourself fully, and difficult aspects have a way of depleting self-confidence and limiting the positive expression of your Sun. Don’t let those coulda-shoulda-woulda’s defeat you.

    With easy aspects, use them to your advantage. They are gifts, so don’t ignore them.

    I suggest coloring your own tarot cards, especially the Majors. The images from older standard decks can be found at BOTA images can be found here. Print on heavy stock paper to the size you prefer. For amateur artists like me, colored pencils work great and give a watercolor appearance to the drawings. The card in this post is the BOTA card I colored.