Quotes to Inspire

Quotes to Inspire ~ A Secret History

Mars in Pisces? Neptune in Aries?

What do you think this quote fits?

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9 thoughts on “Quotes to Inspire ~ A Secret History

  1. methinks Mars in Scorpio comes into play as well
    and maybe even Moon in Scorpio. All of the above.
    I have these placements. Longfellow was very wise.
    xoxo Dee


  2. Oh, my, you moved the furniture again! Wow, what a gorgeous background!!

    Great quote. To me, it’s the perfect illustration of the 12th house–the house of secrets, secret enemies, and the ways we’re our own worst enemies. And believe me, nobody can create suffering for us worse than the suffering we create for ourselves. Donna Cunningham


  3. I think it fits both that you’ve mentioned… And having Mars and Chiron in Aries in my natal 12th house, I also agree with Donna.

    Reading secret histories might also fit Pluto in Capricorn… Lots of dirt being unearthed right now.


    • I have a 12th house Chiron, too, Remy. Since Chiron is still a bit of a mystery to me, I’ll think about that placement through this quote. Thanks for mentioning it.


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